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Welcome to 2023!

A message from your MSVUSU President, Katerina Allan

New year, same me!

Happy New Year, MSVU! I hope you had a restful, leisurely, and rejuvenated holiday break. Welcome to a new semester where we are kicking off the Mount 150 celebration. This anniversary is a strong testament to the history and origins that was initially built to empower women. MSVU prides itself on DEA&I, the advancement of women, and the excellence of teaching and learning. I feel supported at this university, and feel lucky to be a member of the Mount community.

Best of luck this semester, and continue taking care of yourselves!

Speaking of the start of term, the MSVU Students’ Union has reopened for business. For any new students, we offer a variety of services. From childcare, to tutoring, to even free meals (for those foodies out there), we have many services to meet your needs.

I’d like to remind folks about our Semi-Annual General Meeting that will be happening this Friday. The SAGM is scheduled to start at 4:30pm in Rosaria 401. If you haven’t registered yet, it is not too late! The registration link is still live, and you can register and review the agenda package in the special bulletin that was sent out on December 3rd.

We continue looking for Nimbus Tutors, specifically someone capable of teaching PSYC 3330, Feminist Counselling. While Feminist Counselling, Tutors are needed year-round to assist students in their studies. We continue to encourage students to apply to as many courses as they feel competent in.

For students looking for tutors, check out the Nimbus app. If you don’t see a tutor for your course please request one and we will try to find one for you. We have tutors for MATH 2208 & 2209, 0027, CHEM 2401, SOAN 1502, BIOL 1152 & 1153, and many more.

On Monday, January 16th, The Rook will begin its transition into a café. We will be serving hot drinks, such as coffee and teas, and sweet treats. Come grab a beverage, and try out our Crow’s Nest & eating area, with all new furniture, this is one of the best study spots on campus, and is open 24h.

Once again, have a great semester – I will see you in February!

-Katerina Allan, MSVUSU President


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