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Society Funding

All ratified societies may apply for Society Funding from the MSVUSU. Funding is intended to help defray (pay some of) the costs societies incur throughout the year (May 1 - April 31).


Funding Request forms must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the event. Societies wishing to apply for funding for a conference must have support from 50% plus one (50%+1) of their society and must submit written information on how the conference will benefit the society and its members. Societies are eligible for base funding up to $60.00 intended for any financial implications that a society may incur due to start-up costs (i.e. bank fees).

Funding application process:

  1. Fill out the funding application form (button below)

  2. The Society Affairs committee will meet and review your funding requests. There are limited funds available, so the society affairs committee will try to balance the amount allocated to each society in a fair way. 

  3. The Vice President of Communications will email you indicating the amount of funding that has been approved. Note: No funding request is guaranteed. All requests are subject to available funds. 

  4. You can pick up your cheque at the HUB or have it mailed to you. 

For more information and questions, feel free to contact VP Students Life at

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