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Mount Student Food Bank

The Mount Student Food Bank is a student-run & -funded service available to all students in the MSVU community. We aim to offer a safe, inclusive, clean, comfortable, and dignified space for you to restock your cupboards or simply grab a snack between classes.

Location: Rosaria 201 (across from the campus Pub)

Operating Hours (Fall semester)

  • Tuesday: 9:15 am - 1:00 pm 

  • Friday: 10:30am - 1:00 pm ​​

Note: Please bring your MSVU student ID when visiting the food bank.


How much food can I take?

Demand has increased considerably in recent weeks, so there are limits on some items. Otherwise, there is no limit to how often you can visit the Food Bank. We encourage you to be considerate and appreciate your cooperation while we work to increase our stock to meet the demand. We strive to offer an experience you would get from the grocery store.

What are some examples of items you normally stock?

Pasta, rice, potatoes, soup, granola bars, tampons, condoms, hand sanitizer, diapers, tea, tomato sauce, cereal, milk, yogurt, pet food...

**Variety is subject to change** 

Donations and volunteer
Donation Jar

How can you donate?

Back of a group of volunteers

Volunteering Inquiries

Bouncing Light Balls


Check back soon!

Use of Phone

Follow Us!

Instagram: @msvusufb

We share service updates, available items, and highlight our volunteers.


Food Bank Staff

Devora Goldberg

Food Bank Manager
C: 902-308-6379


Food Security Volunteer Coordinator

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