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Reaching a new height
with Students' Union

General Election 2024 is happening! Scroll down to read more about the Election. 


Hi all,

First and foremost, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your participation in the voting process, which plays a pivotal role in shaping our collective student journey.

We're thrilled to see a significant increase in engagement and voter turnout over the past two months for this election. This higher level of participation is a big motivator for us, encouraging us to work even harder to serve you better. Below, we are excited to share the results of our General Election:


  • President: Carson Cameron

  • VP Comms: Jasmeet Singh

  • VP Graduate Affairs: Simranpreet Kaur

  • VP Advocacy: Katie Crawley

  • VP Student Life: Ishwarprit Singh

  • Board of Governors Representative: Devora Goldberg

  • Gender Representative: Juliana Fanning

  • Professional Studies Rep: Koen Schlief

  • Residence Rep: Jackson MacIntyre

  • International Student Rep: Batoul Nour

  • Transfer Student Rep: Diana Mansilla

  • BIPOC Rep: Marie-Dominique N'da

Referendum Question:
Food Security Fee: Passed

Regarding the result announcement for the Art Representative, there will be a delay pending an investigation. We will announce an update when the result is ready!

Please join us in congratulating the new Student Representative Councillors! And to all students - thank you once again for helping us in our work of representing your voice via our General Election!

MSVU Students' Union

Elections Contact:


Thursday, January 25 to Sunday, February 25 - Advertisement Period 

Monday, February 26 to Wednesday, March 13 - Nomination Period

Thursday, March 14 to Sunday, March 31 - Campaign Period

Tuesday, April 2 to Thursday, April 4 - Voting Days

Meet the Candidates

19 Candidates, your decision. Cast your vote this April 2-4!

Perks of being a student representative


Influence & Impact


Career Enhancement


Leadership Development



About our

Every academic year, MSVU Students’ Union holds two election periods: General Elections and Fall By-Election.  

Elections hold immense importance within MSVU Students' Union, serving as the cornerstone of our democratic foundation. They empower the student body to actively participate in shaping the organization's future and determining MSVU Students’ Union leadership.  

Through elections, students exercise their right to have a voice in critical decision-making processes, ensuring their concerns and aspirations are represented effectively. Moreover, elections foster a culture of accountability and transparency, as candidates present their visions, and voters hold them responsible for their promises. Engaging in the electoral process cultivates a sense of community and shared responsibility, uniting students in their pursuit of a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving Students' Union that truly reflects their needs and desires. 


Elections Coordinator (Chair)

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