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Food is comfort, connection and magic,

it connects us all. 

Simple, good, nutritious,

serving hot meals for the soul.

Here at Captain Crow's Cafe, we believe everyone deserves access to nutritious and delicious food. We serve free meals to anyone in the Mount community (Students, faculty, staff) and their families/households. Whether you choose to visit us due to financial reasons, lack of time to make dinner, or just want a homecooked meal, we'd love to see you!


Find us in the Rosaria Student Center!

131 Lumpkin Rd

First room on the left from the main entrance

Hour of Operations: TBD

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This week's menu:

Each week our menu has something new to offer.

Check our Instagram for the most up-to-date menu.

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Contact us


Kitchen Coordinator


Food Security

Volunteer Coordinator

  •  Creates menus

  •  Cooks delicious food

  •  General Captain Crow's Cafe knowledge

  • Volunteer contact

  • A founding member

  • General Captain Crow's Cafe knowledge

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Tesimonies & Volunteer


The soup is AMAZING!!!! I cannot sing it's praises enough!! My coffee to go was also totally hit the spot, but not as amazing as the soup.... please give my compliments to the chef!

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Do you like cooking?

Do you like make new friends?

Join us and spend your time preparing meals with love for others on the campus!

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