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Wellness and Parental Lounge

Part of our commitment to accessible and parent friendly spaces.

Located off the Crows Nest in the Rosaria Student Center, is our Wellness and Parental Lounge. This room is filled with comfortable seating, stim toys & decompression materials, a nursing pillow, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, mini fridge, tamper evident milk bags, and soft lighting. 

This is the only designated lactation space on campus, outside of the MAMA Lab. This room is also available for folx who are overstimulated, and need a quiet space to sit and decompress.

This room is access controlled, so if you would like to use it please speak to staff at the Fountain Play Center, or email for more information, or come to the SU offices and ask us to open it. For after hours access contact and we can arrange permissions for security to open it for you as required. 



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