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Nimbus Tutoring

The MSVU Students’ Union has partnered with Nimbus Learning to provide a comprehensive tutoring service. Using the Nimbus Learning app, students can search for tutors by course, language, price and more. The app includes tutor profiles, ratings, scheduling, messaging, payments and comes with 24h customer service so students get the help they need, when they need it.

Payments are easy, with the option to purchase tutor credits from the Hub (Debit & Credit) or pay with Credit through the app.  

Click on the video below, to watch a demonstration of the nimbus platform through a students perspective.

Becoming a tutor

We hire tutors year-round, so you can apply any time. We want to have as many tutors available as we can, so please apply. There is no limit on how much or how little you can work. Please apply, even if there is only one course you want to teach. 

Tutors set their own schedule, rate of pay, booking & concelleation policy, tutoring locations (inclusing online or in-person options). Tutors also approve each booking, and can turn on and off avaailability for each each course. Payments are direct deposited into your bank account within days of each tutoring session.

Click on the video below, to watch a demonstration of the nimbus platform through a tutors perspective.

Being a tutor promotes deeper learning and provides valuable experience. These experiences are helpful when applying to advanced programs, graduate schools, and for work.

MSVU is a diverse community with many students in varying stages of their life and careers. It is therefore important that the qualification for tutoring set high standards that take those experiences into account.

Applications must provide the following documents for their application

  • ​Cover letter

  • Resume/CV

  • Unofficial transcript from their Undergraduate and Graduate (if applicable) study

  • A video presentation (no more than 5 minutes teaching a mock lesson on the topic of their choosing)

  • A copy of their photo ID (optional when applying but required if successful

Undergraduate Students

Undergradate students must have received a grade of B+ or higher in the course to be approved. Undergraduate transfer students, they must have received a B+ or higher in an eqivalent course. Applicants must include all relevant unofficial transcripts, including those from the Academic Institution at which they took the eqivalent course.



Graduate Students


Graduate students applying to tutor graduate level courses must have receied a grade of B+  or higher in the course (or eqivalent course), through demonstrated prior tutoring/teaching success in that subject area, or through an increased competency development during their graduate study.

Applicants must outline their demonstrated competency in their cover letter. If we need more information than is included in their cover letter, we will contact them..

Katerina Allan

President & CEO
Rosaria 217A

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