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STUDENT VOICE - Navigating Online Learning as a Distance Student

By: Elvenia Gray-Sandiford As we fully immerse ourselves in the pulse of the new university year, and the classrooms are alive with the hustle and bustle of students embracing aspirations and new growth, it's crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the group of students whose journey is often overlooked - the students who, for one reason or another, study from a distance. Distance learning is not a novel concept, but recent years have witnessed a significant evolution in how we perceive and utilize it. The global pandemic unexpectedly catapulted us into a realm where physical boundaries no longer dictate our educational journey. As classrooms transitioned into virtual spaces, we witnessed how technology could bridge geographical gaps and bring education to the homes of students across the world. It's this paradigm shift that has led an increasing number of students like me to consider online higher education at the Mount as a viable path. Online learning isn't without challenges. Not only do we have to master the subject matter, but we also must acquire digital literacy and self-discipline, which can feel overwhelming, especially for mature students. The camaraderie that flourishes in face-to-face interactions sometimes feels absent in virtual discussions. Nevertheless, distance students have demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability, surmounting these hurdles one virtual classroom at a time. As we celebrate the journey of distance students, we must acknowledge the vital role of support systems. The isolation that can come with online learning emphasizes the need for strong virtual communities. Our university is actively fostering these connections through online forums, networking events, and interactive platforms that enable students to collaborate despite the physical divide. The beauty of online education lies in its ability to transcend borders. We are part of a global learning community, enriched by diverse perspectives, capabilities, and experiences. Collaborative projects can span continents, offering students the chance to engage with peers from different cultural backgrounds. This interconnectedness serves as a reminder that the virtual classroom has the potential to transcend physical limitations and foster a truly global educational experience. Collaborative projects span continents, fostering a rich cultural exchange that extends beyond textbooks, offering a unique opportunity to engage with peers from around the world, broadening horizons, and opening minds to new ideas. So, let's raise a toast to ourselves - distance students. We will not be forgotten. Our commitment to pursuing education in a virtual realm is nothing short of commendable. Our journey may be different, but the determination, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge remain the same. Our resilience in navigating the complexities of online learning is a testament to our dedication. So, here's to us as distance students! We are the trailblazers who are redefining education, challenging traditional norms, and proving that growth knows no boundaries. Our journey enriches our university community, inspiring us all to embrace the possibilities of online education. As we embark on this new year, may our virtual classrooms be filled with discoveries, connections, and moments of triumph that propel us forward on our academic path. Cheers to a year filled with learning, growth, and virtual adventures. We’ve got this! See you online, my friends. Warm regards.


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