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Meet the Candidates

Here's a rundown of all the amazing candidates running for various positions in the MSVU Students' Union. Each candidate brings unique qualities and visions to the table, aiming to make a positive impact on our university community.



- Carson Cameron

VP Communications

- Sara Zegarra

- Introduction: Hey! I'm Sara Zegarra, a Master of Education student on a mission to embrace challenges and keep evolving both professionally and personally. I thrive on innovation, constantly seeking new ways to enhance my performance and tackle tasks with creativity. Building connections is my jam—I adore forming bonds with colleagues and everyone I meet. For me, communication isn't just about exchanging info; it's about fostering connections and leaving a positive mark on the community. Bringing the Student Union closer to students is a privilege, as I believe the SU exists for and because of the students it serves. Let's bridge that gap and make a difference together!

- Slogan: Let's get connected!

- Jasmeet Singh

- Introduction: "I, Jasmeet Singh, am a student of Business Administration with Media background and knowledge of promotions & marketing amongst the audience. Contesting elections for Vice-President Communications of Student Union. My journey as a Social Media Analyst / Content Maker for a Regional News Agency taught me a lot of skills like teamwork, discipline, creativity, and courage. Qualities that I aim to leverage in my role as a Vice President- Communication. With a passion for fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, I am committed to advocating for the rights and needs of students, ensuring that our voices are heard, and our concerns addressed. I believe that my background in Digital media, equips me with a unique perspective to bridge gaps and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all students. I look forward to working closely with my fellow students and the university administration to enhance the international and domestic student experience, promote cultural exchange, and contribute to the global diversity of our university community. Let us work together to build a stronger and more connected student community at Mount."

- Slogan: Student Unity, Student Power

- August Duquette

- Introduction: Hi! I’m August Duquette, I use They/Them pronouns and I am running for Vice President Communications! I’ve been a student since Fall 2018 and an active participant in both union roles and in engaging directly with services since about Fall 2019, prior to the pandemic. With a BA Sociology already under my belt, I’m beginning my second undergraduate degree as a FSGN/WOMS double major! My union experiences starts in 2021-2022 as the now titled 2SLGBTQIA+ Representative and continued on in 2022-2023 as a volunteer for the Pride Centre. I've also had experience in other communication-esque roles through a co-operative education position with the Dalhousie Gazette in Winter 2018, through a high school program. Fun fact: I nearly became a journalist! Some work I've been developing is the beginnings of a student-run union newspaper, to allow for our current newsletter to become more interactive. I hope to continue this work if voted in. All students deserve to communicate with our union and I aim to help bridge that connection. I also aim for accessible communication, with clearer email formats, comprehensive language usage, and transparency. Essentially: good communications have room for clarification and my email will be open to assist all students!

- Slogan: Striving for the ABC's of communication: Accessible, Broad, and Collaborative!

VP Advocacy

- Katie Crawley

- Introduction: Hi everyone! My name is Katie, I'm 25 years old and I am running for Vice President of Advocacy. As someone who is in multiple minority groups, I understand that being an advocate for students is vital, and as a good advocate I will strive to create a comfortable, supportive, and consistent environment that students can count on. I have experience as the Accessibility Representative and 2SLGBTQIA+ Representative, where I was able to create the ASL Society, implement an accessibility widget on the MSVUSU website, and communicate your ideas to others across campus to create a collaborative and more accessible campus! With your help, I would like to expand my horizons and do more for you! Vote for me for Vice President of Advocacy and I promise I will advocate for you!

- Slogan: Advocacy in Action

VP Graduate

- Simranpreet Kaur

- Introduction: I am Simranpreet, a Graduate student at Mount Saint Vincent University. As a passionate and driven person, the primary reason for Vice President of Research and Graduate Student Affairs role is having to serve others and make a positive impact within the university graduate community. I am Seeking to collaborate with students, student leaders, faculty, and administrators to foster connections and build partnerships for the betterment of the university.

- Slogan: "Empowering diversity, Embracing transformation, Enriching experience: Together We Achieve"

VP Student Life

- Grace MacInnis

Introduction: “Hi everyone!

My name is Grace MacInnis and I am entering my third year as a biology student at MSVU. I am your Science Society Co-President and I have served as the Science Representative on the Students' Union, with your vote I would love to be the next Vice President of Student Life!

As someone who regularly attends and supports fun and creative events on campus, I believe that I know what students want to see most and what they stand for. From Orientation Week to trivia nights, I've shared first hand experiences like these with students, showing me how we like to engage in events that are both fun and inclusive. I strongly believe that this is my most valuable asset that will allow me to help make your student experience one to remember.

Your voices are important, and I want to hear what you have to say, turning your ideas and events into reality. Vote for Grace, bringing students to life, through student life!”

- Slogan: “Bringing students to life, through student life.”

- Kazi Zaman

- Introduction: Hey wonderful people out there, I am one of you, Kazi. I am currently a bachelor student in Business Administration. High ambitions and futuristic dreams landed me at MSVU. With the changing trends and technology, I hereby promise you with a better student experience at Mount, where you will be redeeming all your opportunities and exploring all the options to make your student life amazing. I want to create a lifetime experience with my expertise from last couple of work experiences working in NGOs, science clubs and extracurricular programs. We want more sports events, exposures, cultural programs, hackathons and many more. I can’t imagine how amazing the next couple of years are gonna be but all can I ask for is, your accompany. Vote for Kazi for this upcoming General Elections. And see you at campus.

- Slogan: One student life, for a lifetime.

- Ishwarprit Singh

- Introduction: “I am Ishwarprit Singh, I am studying hereatn Mount Saint Vincent University for the last 2 years and now entering my 3rd year. Throughout my journey, I have met a lot of students, both native and international Students, from all over the world as our university welcomes all the students from every country. I do know and completely understand the problems that are being faced by students all about their life here in Canada how they do part time jobs to manage their tuition fees. I will try my best to let them enjoy their student life by solving their problems and making their life easier here on campus and also will provide assistance in their off campus problems too.”

- Mahima Kulur

Introduction: "Hello, everyone! I'm Mahima Kulur, and I'm thrilled to be running for the position of Vice-President of Student Life. As a third-year BSc Public Relations student, I am deeply passionate about connecting with my fellow students and supporting them through their university journey. Being an international student myself, I've faced my fair share of challenges and difficulties. These experiences have given me a unique perspective and a strong desire to connect with other international students and help them navigate the complexities of university life."

- Slogan: "Bridges, Fun, Voices," reflects my core values and vision for student life.

Build Bridges: I believe in bridging the gaps between different student groups, and fostering collaboration, and understanding among diverse communities.

Cultivate Solidarity: It's important to me to cultivate a sense of solidarity among students, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.

Expand Opportunities: I am committed to expanding opportunities for student involvement and growth, whether through extracurricular activities, internships, or networking events.

Enhance Resources: Access to resources is crucial for student success. I aim to enhance existing resources and advocate for the development of new ones to support students academically, emotionally, and professionally.

With your support, I am ready to serve as your Vice-President of Student Life and make a real difference in our campus community. Vote for Mahima Kulur for a more connected, supportive, and vibrant university experience!"

Arts Representative

- Meghna Minocha

- Introduction: My name is Meghna Minocha, and I am second year student at MSVU. I am currently enrolled in a Joint Major Program in English Literature and Sociology Anthropology. I am interested in learning about different cultures and spreading awareness about my own. I admire all forms of art, including the fine arts (especially dancing), and I absolutely love animals! I look forward to being a part of the elections and meeting everyone!

- Slogan: "I will never not think of you."

- Priyadarshika Singh

Introduction: "I have passed by 10th and 12th grade in New Delhi India. I was a humanities student and I’m doing double majors in sociology and anthropology. This is my first semester here in MSVU and I want to join Students’ Union because I feel I have that potential to have leadership.”

- Slogan: Art unplugged, awaken your creativity.

Board of Governors Rep

- Devora Goldberg

Slogan: Connecting our voices to advocate for things that really matter!

Gender Representative

- Juliana Fanning

Introduction: “Hey everyone! My name is Juliana (She/Her); I'm in my second year of the biology program at Mount Saint Vincent. Throughout my time at the Mount, I've held various leadership positions. With my experience and my vast understanding of the student body's perspectives, I can ensure that your perspectives and ideas are realized.

As your gender advocacy representative, I will strive to ensure your voice is heard, challenge barriers, and stand for nothing less than gender equity and equality at MSVU. My goal is not only to make changes within our community but also to bring forth substantial changes that will make a lasting impact on students.

My passion lies in using my voice and actions to invoke change within our community through supporting you. I want to create opportunities for those of equity-denied genders and ensure that their best interests are considered during important decisions that impact your university experience both within and outside the classroom. Furthermore, MSVU students of any gender should have opportunities to gain knowledge, access resources, and strengthen our community in terms of what matters most. Let your voice be heard by voting Juliana for Gender Advocacy Representative from April 2nd to 4th!”

- Slogan: "Your voice, our mission: Gender equality in every decision."

Professional Studies Rep

- Koen Schlief

- Introduction: My name is Koen and I want to collaborate with and hear from you! As we roll into the second half of 2024, I look to support major elements of your student experience by representing and advocating for all Professional Studies students at MSVU. I strive to bring all aspects of Professional Studies together, bridging your societies, academics and student life as a collective through your MSVU Students' Union. If you want to help improve communication in our community, vote Koen this April 2nd-4th. Email me at if you want to learn more!

- Slogan: Improving Communication in our Community

Residence Rep

- Jackson MacIntyre

- Introduction: Hey MSVU! I’m Jackson (He/Him), and I'm going into my third year of a BSc in Psychology at the Mount. For the past two years, I've lived in Assisi, but as of this next year, I will have experience living in Westwood too. As your residence representative, it will be my honour to make the voices of those living in every residence heard, not only within MSVUSU but in the community as well. At the start of your first year at the Mount, the campus is ripe with ample chances to meet people at orientation. I will strive to continue that fun past the first week and give many more opportunities to connect regardless of your year of study. Vote for Jackson to make our campus overflow with school spirit!

- Slogan: “We’re More Than Dorms, Keeping Our Community Thriving”

International Students Rep

- Batoul Nour

- Introduction: Hello! I am Batoul, I am from Syria. As a 22-year-old girl, I am taking a Bachelor of Human Nutrition. I would describe myself as a curious and creative individual. I have a passion for learning and exploring new things, I am also ambitious, and I study to have a good future, I love helping others and making a positive impact on the world.

- Slogan:

Transfer Student Rep

- Diana Mansilla

- Introduction: Nice to meet you! I'm Diana, a transfer student currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration. Originally from Peru, my background in Hospitality Management fuels my passion for the industry. I'm excited to bring this enthusiasm to my current academic journey. I'm thrilled to offer my support as a representative for the transfer students within the Students Union.

- Slogan: We build, innovate, and succeed!


- Marie-Dominique N'da

- Introduction: Hi, I’m Marie! I’ve been at the Mount for 3 years and I’m in the Child and Youth Study program. I've always had a passion for helping others so I'm running for the BIPOC representative position in hopes that I can bring change and more inclusion for all racial minorities here at the Mount!"

- Slogan: “Don't you agree, you should vote for Marie??”


These are your candidates for the MSVU Students' Union General Elections. Make sure to cast your vote and let your voice be heard! 🗳️ #MSVUSUelections


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