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Generous Hearts Make Happy Children

By: Friel Canto - MSVUSU Fountain Playcentre Manager

Attending classes while simultaneously fulfilling parental duties can be stressful. Thankfully, the Students’ Union got us covered through the Fountain Playcentre! The Fountain Play Center hosts the children of Mount students as a safe place to play while they wait for their parents. Children ages 0 to 5 are welcomed daily and participate in art exercises, physical coordination activities, and socially interactive sessions that keep them busy and engaged. While mommy and daddy work and study, the kids can play and learn.

The operations and programming managers of the Fountain Playcentre run the day-to-day activities with the help and support of the volunteers. The dedication and passion of our FPC volunteers provide additional aid to the parents who require the services of the play centre for their children so they can fulfill their academic obligations as Mount students. Furthermore, with their love for children and their contribution to children’s development, our centre becomes an exceptional place for learning and developing new skills crucial to early childhood education.

This Fall 2023 semester, we are fortunate to have these volunteers actively serving in the Fountain Playcentre:

Would you like to join our team of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of Mount parents and their children? Volunteering at the Fountain Playcentre can be a good learning and working experience while having fun! If you have time and want to serve the Mount student community, consider the Fountain Playcentre!


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