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Fall By-Election Result

First and foremost, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your participation in the voting process, which plays a pivotal role in shaping our collective student journey. We are delighted to witness a substantial surge in engagement during the last two months and voter turnout of this election. This heightened participation serves as a strong motivator, inspiring us to redouble our efforts in serving you. Without further ado, the MSVU Students' Union is excited to unveil the outcomes of our Fall By-Election: Residence Representative: - Jackson MacIntyre (elected) - August Duquette Professional Studies Representative: - Tasbin Tabassum - Koen Schlief (elected) Board of Governor Representative: - Sarah Elliott (elected) - Kazi Arafin Zaman Mature Student Representative: - Nehemiah Rudhro Bennett (elected) Science Representative: - Grace MacInnis (elected) First-Year Representative: - Jessie Taylor (elected) BIPOC Representative: - Skye Mills (elected)

Transfer Student Representative

- Xinyuan Bu (elected) Regarding the result announcement for President & International Student Rep positions, there will be a delay pending an investigation. We will announce an update when the results are ready! Please join us in congratulating the new Student Representative Councillors! And to all students - thank you once again for helping us in our work of representing your voice via our Fall By-Election! Elections Contact: General Inquiry:


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