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3 perks of becoming a student representative

Being a representative is both a responsibility and an opportunity. It allows you to contribute to the betterment of the student body, build lasting relationships, and develop skills that will serve you well in your academic, personal, and professional life. Here are the top three perks of being a student representative at MSVU Students’ Union.

1. Influence and Impact

As a student representative, you'll have the opportunity to directly influence decisions and initiatives that shape the student experience at MSVU. You'll be a voice for your fellow students, advocating for their needs, concerns, and ideas. Being part of the decision-making process allows you to create positive change on campus, ensuring that policies, programs, and services align with student interests and priorities.

2. Networking and Leadership Development

Serving as a student representative exposes you to various networking opportunities with university staff, faculty, administrators, and other student leaders. This environment fosters valuable connections that can be beneficial for your personal and professional growth. You'll also further develop leadership skills such as communication, negotiation, collaboration, and problem-solving. These skills are not only valuable during your time as a representative but also throughout your future endeavors.

3. Professional Growth and Resume Enhancement

Holding a representative position within the Students' Union demonstrates your commitment to active participation, community engagement, and leadership. This experience can be a strong addition to your resume, showcasing your dedication to student advocacy, organizational involvement, and your ability to work collaboratively to achieve common goals. Future employers and educational institutions often look favorably upon candidates with a demonstrated history of community engagement.

*Bonus: Student Representative Councilors receive compensation! President & Vice-Presidents get an hourly wage based on Nova Scotia's salary rate, plus an additional 24%. Student Representative positions will receive an honorarium every semester!

With 19 student representative positions opening, running for our General Election and becoming a student representative is a great start to embracing the journey to harness your passion for student advocacy, leadership, and community engagement, making a lasting impact on campus life.


Stay Connected: To stay informed about the Election, candidate profiles, voting instructions, and other updates, make sure to:

  • Follow us on social media: @msvusu

  • Visit our dedicated election webpage

  • Email:

About MSVU Students’ Union Election:

Elections hold immense importance within MSVU Students' Union, serving as the cornerstone of our democratic foundation. They empower the student body to actively participate in shaping the organization's future and determining MSVU Students’ Union leadership. Through elections, students exercise their right to have a voice in critical decision-making processes, ensuring their concerns and aspirations are represented effectively. Engaging in the electoral process cultivates a sense of community and shared responsibility, uniting students in their pursuit of a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving Students' Union that truly reflects their needs and desires.


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