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Student societies at university are vibrant and student-led communities that cater to a wide range of interests, including academic, cultural, recreational, and social activities. They provide students with a platform to pursue their passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and create memorable experiences outside of the classroom, enriching their overall university experience.

Child and Youth Student Society

This society aims to enable MSVU students to enrich their education experience, connect and support students in Child and Youth Study, support evolution of the program and the field and be actively involved in community service.

Muslim Students' Association

The purpose of MSA is to serve the best interest of Islam and of the Muslims of the Mount Saint 
Vincent University at Halifax

History Society

An avenue for students to engage with topics related to the study of history. Also, this society aims to facilitate discission, act as a resource to students, promotes critical thought and provide a forum through which any student may gather to engage with different topics of history. 

MSVU Spanish Society

Providing an inclusive community that offers a variety of activities for Spanish learners, speakers, and anyone who wants to experience the language  and culture. The Society aims to provide a balance between academics and fun,  fostering a sense of community among its members and the MSVU body. 

Symmetry Public Relations

Providing an avenue for Public Relations students (and students 
studying in other fields) to publish and improve their news-style writing, read other students’ contributions, and stay current with industry trends

Food and Nutrition Society

The objectives of the FNS shall include but are not limited to: providing an inclusive society for all nutrition students, providing educational opportunities outside of the academic setting, and providing professional development activities to assist students with developing their resumes and future career skills. 

Alliance of Disabled Students

The purpose of ADS will be to provide a safe space for disabled students to discuss challenges pertaining to being disabled and to educate students on disability related issues and how to be a better ally to disabled students

Inter-cultural Food Bridging Society

​Strengthening the Mount community by bridging cultural and 
communication gaps that help bring people with different backgrounds together. The society is committed to empowering people through building up connections, sharing knowledge and experience, promoting peer support, and leading influential actions.

Science Society

The purpose of the Science Society shall be to gather students together for social events to destress from academic work. 


Do you have an idea to ratify a society? Contact us today at to learn more about society ratification. 

English Society

The purpose of the English Society shall be to create, organize, and promote English literature- and writing-based events and opportunities, as well as provide a safe, open space (SAC 526) for all MSVU students who wish to connect with other members of the program-centered community.

MSVU Dance Society

Bringing the art of dance to the MSVU student body MSVU group

Focusing on increasing mental health literacy of MSVU students and decreasing stigma around talking about mental health and illness. 

PYSC Society

Building community among MSVU students with an interest in psychology by creang meaningful opportunies for peer-to-peer social connecons and academic support in a posive, curious, and collaborave environment. 

Societies' Consitutions

Society Constitutions outline the operational terms of each society, including membership requirements, structure, and more. Reading a society's constitution will enhance your understanding of how the society operates and its vision, aiding you in selecting and engaging with the most suitable society for you

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