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Recognizing Volunteers of the Month

In this month's MSVU Students' Union volunteer recognition, we are delighted to recognize Peng, David, and Chelsey! The dedication and service they provide to the Mount Food Bank family and the community is remarkable, so please join us in learning more about them below.


Peng is a Bachelor of Business Administration student. Joining the Food Bank since November 2022, his kindness and willingness to help others have impressed all members of our Food Bank family. Whenever he stops by the Food Bank, even if he is not on schedule, he always helps us organize something. From fixing a defective watch to putting a can of beans in the right aisle – everything is well-cared for under his help.


David is a CHYS Master student. He has been volunteering with the Food Bank since Fall 2022, and his inspirational energy never ceases to amaze us. With his natural responsible and outgoing characteristics, David has a truly leader. He always tells interesting stories at the Food Bank to engage others into giving back more to their community. We are truly grateful for his hard work and talent.


Chelsey is a Child and Youth Study student with a minor in Gerontology. She has been volunteering with the Food Bank since Fall 2021, almost 2 years now. Despite living quite far from campus, she always does her best to help us at the Food Bank on a weekly basis. We also appreciate Chelsey's responsibility - whenever we have questions, she helps us find information and provides the answer in a kindest way possible. Chelsey’s dedication to the Food Bank has allowed us to serve more people in need each month.

We hope that you will join us in thanking Peng, David and Chelsey for their dedication and service to the MSVU Food Bank. Without volunteers like them, our mission to feed those in need would not be possible.

Interested in volunteering with MSVU Students' Union? Don't forget to keep an eye on our social media channels at @msvusu!


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