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New year, different team

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to do things that we didn’t want to do. Now, as we shift into orientation mode the excitement level and enthusiasm has increased dramatically. And what’s more? Oh yeah, we have several innovative and bright thinkers on our team that will help us during one of the most critical years in our history.

Nathan Buchanan, Vice President of Communications, MSVUSU

Hopeful. Motivated. Excited. Optimistic. Those are just a few adjectives to describe the feeling inside of the Students’ Union offices as we continue inching closer to the fall when we welcome students back to campus.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly challenged our organization in more ways than one and it stripped away the vibrant synergy between our students and their buzzing social life. Although the COVID landscape continues to evolve and we must appropriately react based on the information given to us by health experts in the media, we are anticipating bringing back a strong sense of normalcy to the Mount community, starting with our fall orientation.

We have many new and returning faces that will help us embark on that goal. Our team is represented by five executives and eight councilors, and we are here to support you in any capacity.

  • Katerina Allan: President | BIO

  • Nathan Buchanan: Vice-President of Communications | BIO

  • Jillian Mozvik: Vice-President of Student Life | BIO

  • Carson Cameron: Vice-President of Advocacy | BIO

  • Suhnandany Goswami: Vice-President of Graduate Affairs | BIO

  • Katie Crawley: Accessibility Representative | BIO

  • Michael Gillis: Arts Representative | BIO

  • Simranpreet Kaur: Board of Governors Representative | BIO

  • Maddison Shortt Robertson: Education Representative | BIO

  • Jenna Ryall: Femme Representative | BIO

  • Nainvish Nainvish: International Representative | BIO

  • Cheyenne Hardy: Professional Studies Representative | BIO

  • Skyler Anadkat: Queer Representative | BIO

As a team, we work together to foster relationships and connections within the school community while providing students with positive experiences that they will remember for many years to come.


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