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MSVUSU Fountain Play Centre Operations Manager


The Fountain Play Centre Operations Manager develops the booking schedule, oversees the centre budget, customer billing, performs administrative duties, supervises volunteers, and ensures compliance with MSVUSU policy and applicable laws. They create a safe and engaging environment that promotes children's development and communicate effectively with parents, staff, and stakeholders. This position works with children between who are typically between 1 and 5 years of age.

Job Classification:
Level 1


This position is compensated with hourly wages at the Nova Scotia Minimum wage plus 16%. This position is part-time, with a maximum of 15 hours per week with the exception of the summer when the maximum of weekly hours is 10. Reading weeks, winter break, and non-statutory holidays are all unpaid time off unless otherwise stated in the employee handbook.


Reporting and Supervision:

This position reports to the General Manager, and supervises Fountain Play Centre Volunteers with the Fountain Play Centre Programming Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential Duties

  • The Operations Manager oversees and executes the day-to-day operations of the Fountain Play Centre, including managing centre booking schedule and overseeing the annual centre budget to ensure financial sustainability.

  • Manage financial transactions by arranging parent payment schedules, handling accounts payable and receivables, utilizing HiMama for effective communication with parents, creating invoices, and to keep accurate records.

  • Manage all aspects of volunteer recruitment, training, retention, and supervision to maintain a high level of service. This includes supervising and scheduling volunteers to ensure adequate staffing levels and preparing welcome packages for parents and volunteers. This duty is shared with the Fountain Play Centre Programming Manager. 

  • Maintain records pertaining to child safety and occupational health and safety as required by law and the MSVUSU.

Other Duties​

  • Raise awareness of the Fountain Play Centre among Mount students by creating and implementing promotional campaigns and initiatives that showcase the service and attract new families.

  • Plan and organize open houses to promote the Fountain Play Centre and attract new families.

  • Work with the Fountain Play Centre Programming Manager to ensure a thorough understanding of the services provided by the Fountain Play Centre.

  • Attend service manager meetings to discuss operational policies and centre structure regarding the Fountain Play Centre.

  • The programming or operations manager may care for children when volunteers are unavailable, ensuring a safe environment and supervising the child. Duties include feeding, changing diapers, assisting with dressing and grooming, and promoting the child's development through activities like games, art, music, story time, and outdoor play.

Key Responsibilities​

  • Coordinate and maintain volunteer management initiatives to ensure a high level of volunteer satisfaction, including appreciation events and effective communication through maintaining a volunteer contact list. Additionally, ensure volunteer quality through conducting reference checks and organizing CPR/First Aid training sessions.

  • Immediately report any maintenance requests related to the facilities, including pest removal, to ensure timely resolution and minimize disruptions to soup kitchen operations. In case of equipment failures, report them promptly to the appropriate person for repair or replacement.

  • Ensure that the Fountain Play Centre is well-stocked with necessary supplies and maintain sufficient inventory levels. Oversee and ensure that the general maintenance, sanitation and presentation of the space meet the required standards at all times.

Governance and Service​

  • Attend monthly service managers meetings and collaborate with other services on projects as appropriate.

  • Be willing to participate in committees or working groups as needed.

  • Create service reports and submit them to the General Manager as necessary, including before each Students’ Representative Council meeting, and before the semi-annual and annual general meetings.

  • Assist in implementing the strategic plan by working with the Fountain Play Centre Operations Manager to evaluate the Fountain Play Centre service and identifying areas that require improvement to meet the plan's objectives.

Required Qualifications:

The person in this role must pass an enhanced criminal background check, vulnerable sector check, and child abuse registry check.


  • Be a student at MSVU enrolled in at least 0.5 credits, one audit course, or a thesis.

  • Hold or be able to obtain First Aid, CPR and AED certifications.


  • Minimum of 1 years of experience working in a childcare setting.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

  • Good interpersonal skills are necessary to effectively communicate with staff, volunteers, parents, and children.

  • Understanding of operational policies and structure of the Fountain Play Centre, including emergency protocols.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to coordinate and lead groups effectively, and to effectively communicate with staff, volunteers, parents, and children.

  • Proficiency in using various software and technology tools, such as office 365, and social media platforms.

  • Ability to manage and supervise multiple individuals in a fast-paced environment.

  • Knowledge of other MSVU and MSVUSU services available to students.

Behavioural Competencies

  • Passionate and committed to the well-being of children and the success of the Fountain Play Centre.

  • Developed professional skills are required, including being non-judgmental, empathic, objective, and understanding the importance of confidentiality. Creative and innovative thinking is also necessary.

  • Effective communication skills are necessary to handle concerns or complaints and communicate effectively about the centre's policies and procedures with parents or families of children in the centre.

  • Strong commitment to the principals of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility, and the values of the MSVUSU.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Formal education in a related field such as Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth study, or Education.

  • Experience working in a supervisory role in a childcare setting.

Mental/Physical Effort and Working Conditions:

  • The Fountain Play Centre is a single classroom offering short term childcare for children between 12 months and 5 years of age. The centre typically has up to 6 children at any given time, with a ratio of 2:1 children to teachers or better at any given time.

  • The environment is noisy, and fast paced with children routinely expressing a wide range of emotions. The role involves standing, holding children for extended periods, bending, stretching, sitting on the floor and kneeling. The role also involves caring for children’s physical needs, including diaper changes, and feeding.

  • This position also involves managing the behavior of multiple children in their care, which can be challenging and require a lot of patience and communication skills.

  • People in this position will also need to multitask, ensuring a safe, clean and sanitary environment is maintained, while keeping children engaged, and recording relevant information in their records.

  • This environment can be mentally and physically challenging, though the work is also rewarding, as children receive quality care enabling their parents/guardians to attend class and study.

The mission of the MSVUSU is to create a meaningful experience by helping, empowering, and advocating for students. Our vision is to provide a healthy, supportive learning environment for all and to provide every student a place to learn and grow.

MSVUSU is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility and encourages applications from all qualified candidates, especially those who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Please let us know if you require any accommodations during the application process.


Deadline to apply: May 15, 2023

Please send resume and cover letter to or call 902-457-6434 for more information

Please note, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Anticipated Start Date: May 23, 2023

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